Siemens Energy to Supply Rotating Equipment, Generators for Oklo Fission Plant

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Oklo has named Siemens Energy as the preferred supplier of steam turbines and generators for its Aurora advanced fission power plant.

Oklo has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to potentially establish Siemens Energy as the preferred supplier of rotating equipment for the Aurora powerhouse conversion system. In addition to supplying rotating equipment for the fission plant, Siemens Energy will provide consulting to support Oklo in the design of a power conversion system. As a result of the agreement, equipment for Oklo’s Aurora powerhouse is expected to be cost-efficient and sourced from readily available components, allowing the company to deploy its fission power plants at scale.

“Oklo is focused on providing clean, reliable, and affordable power to customers,” said Alex Renner, Senior Director of Product at Oklo. “Fast fission reactors are a proven technology to produce heat and partnering with Siemens Energy takes steps to secure an efficient, reliable, and scalable supply chain for converting that heat into power in our Oklo Aurora powerhouses.”


The partnership with Siemens Energy grants Oklo access to an established supply chain for essential components critical to power generation. Integration of Siemens Energy’s rotating equipment will complement Oklo’s design philosophy for the Aurora plant, which is based on fast reactor technology with successful operational history.

“The clean power generated by advanced nuclear is one of the key steps to reaching a net zero future and Siemens Energy’s thermal energy components and services complement the powerhouses being developed by Oklo,” said Tobias Panse, SVP of Industrial Steam Turbines and Generators with Siemens Energy. “Working with Oklo as a preferred supplier will bring us closer to advanced nuclear deployments and our net-zero targets.”

Siemens Energy, beyond supplying steam turbine generators for the plant, will also provide consulting for the design and integration of the conventional power island. The partnership will accelerate the commercialization of Oklo’s advanced fission energy solutions to meet global demands for clean, reliable, and affordable energy sources.