Siemens gas turbine to power Afghan plant

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Bayat natural gas-fired power plant to be constructed in Sheberghan, Jowzjan Province, will be the first gas-fired power plant in Afghanistan. Bayat Power has committed to a $250m Independent Power Producer (IPP) investment programme.

Bayat-1 will be a 52 MW plant and the capacity will be expanded to 200 MW later.

Bayat Power is expected to invest $38.85m in the first phase, which will provide sufficient power for approximately one million Afghan homes and businesses.


Siemens SGT-A45 mobile aeroderivative will be used at Bayat-1. Each unit can be pre-assembled at the manufacturing plant and transported to the site. The gas turbines can be restarted at any time and restored to full power due to the absence of hot lockout restrictions.

The SGT-A45 is based on Siemens’ Industrial Trent 60 and Rolls-Royce aero technology. It can generate approximately 44MW of power and is capable of powering the grid in less than eight minutes.