Siemens' H-class bound for South Korea

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Siemens is supplying  two innovative SGT6-8000H gas turbines, one steam turbine, three generators, and two heat recovery steam generators to South Korea, this time for a gas fired facility. The order is worth more than EUR300 million and the company is responsible for the the entire instrumentation and control technology at the Ansan combined cycle power plant (CCPP). 

High efficiency, operational flexibility

The innovative gas turbine is the prime mover in the SCC6-8000H combined cycle power plant, which has an output of over 410 MW and an efficiency level exceeding 60%.


Ansan is now the second power plant in South Korea to be equipped with the new gas turbines – SGT6-8000H – from Siemens. The customer is the South Korean Posco Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd., headquartered in Incheon, which is responsible for construction of the entire plant. The CCPP Ansan will be fuelled with liquefied natural gas (LNG) and will have a gross installed electrical capacity of 834 MW at a gross efficiency of 61 per cent.

In addition to generating electricity, the plant will also provide district heating for the inhabitants of the city of Ansan, which raises the overall fuel utilization factor to over 75 per cent. Commissioning is planned for the end of 2014.

Mitsubishi J class gas turbines

This Korean order for the Siemens H comes a week after the order for 10 J machines -- Mitsubishi's most advanced gas turbines. Mitsubishi recently received orders from Korea for ten  M501J gas turbines for installation at four large-scale natural-gas-fired gas turbine combined-cycle (GTCC) power generation facilities. The generation capacities of these plants range from  950 to 1,900 MW. 

The J series design is able to withstand 100 degrees higher temperature than the 1,500°C-class G-Series gas turbine, and 60 hertz J-Series turbine achieves a rated power output of about 320 MW and an unprecedented 460 MW in gas turbine combined-cycle (GTCC) power generation applications. 

The ten gas turbines on order consist of two units each for the Yulchon 2, 2nd-Pyeongtaek and Ulsan 4 power plants and four units for the Dongducheon power plant. All of these GTCC plants, which will have a collective power generation capacity reaching near 4,750 MW, are to be newly constructed.