Siemens is supplying nine gas turbines to Argentina

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Siemens will supply two SGT-800 to each of the power plants in Rio Cuarto and San Miguel de Tucuman in Argentina. Three of the turbines will be installed in the Argentine city of Ezeiza. The two aeroderivative turbines will generate electricity in the gas-fired power plants in El Salto and Rio Tercero. Siemens will produce all seven SGT-800 turbines in its factory in Finspong, Sweden, and the two Industrial Trent 60 turbines in Mount Vernon, USA, and Montreal, Canada.

Power consumption in Argentina is growing at a rate of around six percent annually. To meet this growing demand, the country must invest extensively in new power plants. Along with wind and solar power plants, Argentina is focusing primarily on gas-fired plants, which permit a high degree of operating flexibility and produce comparatively few CO2emissions.


The SGT-800, which was originally known under the product name GTX100, began development in 1994 and was launched in 1997. Initially, it had an electrical capacity of 43 MW and an electrical efficiency of 37 percent. Today, it is available with different ratings up to 54 MW and efficiency of 39.1 percent.