Online now, grid planning and analysis software

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Due to the ever advancing digitalization in the energy industry, as of 2018 Siemens is offering a suitable digital way to access its industry-leading PSS E power system planning and analysis software. Customers can quickly and conveniently purchase subscription-based PSS E licenses online. Companies can choose the PSS E licensing option that best aligns with their projects and budgets. This will make it easier for PSS E customers to lower their total cost of ownership and increase productivity.

The PSS E monthly subscription license is available from the new PSS Online Store where customers can add a license and checkout instantly by paying via credit card, PayPal or wire transfer. Customers can further enhance their PSS E base package by adding a variety of add-on modules to their cart. Subscriptions are available on a month-to-month or year-to-year basis - providing customers with all the power of PSS E without longterm commitment. The unique flexibility of this licensing model enables companies to ramp-up meeting project demands, and pay for software licenses only when they are needed.

The new PSS Online Store provides customers with a platform to purchase PSS E licenses and add-on modules at the click of a button. Companies can now purchase and start using PSS E on the same day. “We understand the value of time and are always striving to make processes easier for our customers”, said Michael Loiacono, Global Sales and Marketing Head at Siemens Power Technologies International. “Once an order is submitted via the PSS Online Store, customers will instantly receive the software and license activation key electronically.”


The PSS E software is a trusted leader globally for transmission system analysis and planning. The user base spreads across more than 140 countries and continues to grow. With the new subscription based licenses, more companies around the world will have the ability to access this powerful software.