Siemens ships aeroderivative gas turbine to Abu Dhabi

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Siemens recently completed the shipment of its first Industrial Trent 60 gas turbine from its manufacturing plant in Mount Vernon to Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Co.’s Satah Al-Razboot offshore oil field project on Zirku Island. Totally, five turbine generator packages will be shipped. Of the five units, three will be aeroderivative gas turbines (AGT) that are dual fuel units and two are gas-only units.

The Siemens Industrial Trent 60 is said to be an advanced AGT which has set new standards for fuel economy and cost savings, and fast delivery and installation times.

Originally developed for use in aviation, AGTs are compact, lighter-weight designs suited for power generation in the oil and gas industry. With high efficiency and fast-start capabilities, AGTs also perform well in distributed power generation applications.


ADMA-OPCO’s SARB offshore oil project, being built on Zirku Island, 120 kilometers northwest of Abu Dhabi, will have a daily capacity of 100,000 barrels of oil, and 35 million cubic feet of gas. The offshore project is being implemented in seven stages and primarily involves the reclamation and construction of two artificial islands to facilitate drilling for the extraction of crude oil from the field.

The first installation phase is expected to begin this month, with commissioning on Dual Fuel Operation completed by 2018 and completion of plant commissioning on gas by 2019.