Siemens to deliver SGT6-5000F turbines for gas-fired plants in Peru

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Siemens has received an order for three SGT6-5000F gas turbines from Peru. The turbines will be used in the project Nodo Energético del Sur - Planta N° 2 Región Moquegua consisting of three simple cycle power plants. The customer is the power utility EnerSur, the contractor being Técnicas Reunidas and JJC. The commercial operation is scheduled for March 2017.

(The SGT6-5000F turbines will be manufactured at the Siemens factory in Charlotte)


The three new plants will be installed in Ilo, a seaport in the Moquegua region, in southern Peru. The SGT6-5000F dual fuel gas turbines will be operated with fuel oil for the first five years, and later they will be operated on natural gas. The three simple cycle plants will together have a capacity of 600MW when fired with fuel oil.

With a total of more than 9,000,000 hours of fleet operation this gas turbine achieves peak values for reliability and continuous operation with highest performance values in its class. The turbines SGT6-5000F will be manufactured in the Siemens factory in Charlotte, North Carolina, which is the main production facility for Siemens 60 Hz power generation.

Thierry Toupin, CEO of the Business Unit Large Gas Turbines/Generators at Siemens Power and Gas division said the SGT6-5000F gas turbine offers economical power generation for peak-, intermediate-, or base-load duty. It is an environmentally friendly gas turbine technology with low water injection requirements, and equipped with Shaping Power, a feature that enables higher power output on higher temperature days.