Siemens to supply six gas-fired turbines for Yamal LNG plant

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Siemens announced recently that the company has signed a contract to supply turbines for a power plant that will feed one of Russia's most ambitious natural gas projects, Yamal LNG. Siemens said it was selling six gas-fired power generating turbines to Tekhnopromexport, a subsidiary of state corporation Rustec, which is building the power plant.


The Yamal LNG project in the northern Yamal peninsula foresees construction of a plant to produce 16.5 million metric tons of liquefied natural gas, which is gas-cooled to the degree that makes it fluid and fit for transportation by tankers. It is expected to start operation in 2018. A company spokesman, however, declined to name the price of the turbine contract. 

Adil Toubia, chief of the oil & gas division at Siemens' energy branch, said in a statement that Russia leads the world in buying this type of turbines. Each of the turbines has the capacity to produce 47 MW of electricity. Novatek leads the project while France's Total and China's CNPC are partners with 20-percent stakes.