Standard Aero establishes new component repair and development capabilities in Canada

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Standard Aero’s Component Services (SACS), located in Cincinnati, Ohio has expanded its component repair and development facilities with the addition of new capabilities at its Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada campus.

The Winnipeg facility will be known as SACS-Canada and the Cincinnati facility will be referred to as SACS-USA. The expanded SACS-Canada facility is expected to provide a substantial increase in Standard Aero’s component repair offerings to meet the growing market and customer demands for customized component repair solutions. These are said to be completely aligned with and authorized by the major OEMs for both aviation and industrial gas turbine powered engines and accessories.


In addition to already serving operators of CF34, CFM56, CF6, GE90, V2500, and LM1600/2500/6000 engines, SACS will now serve customers for T56, M250 and 501k engine applications.

Standard Aero is also improving its in-house offerings for component repair and support for PW2000 and PW4000 customers, with the addition of a world-class plating capability at its SACS-Canada facility.

Rick Stine, President of Standard Aero Military & Components sector said investing in these expanded facilities and capabilities will help the company to keep pace with the requirements for component repair and development. “We are continuing to invest in our engineering expertise to ensure we can provide customer repair development solutions that support both OEMs and our end customer requirements.”

In May this year, Standard Aero announced a 30,000 square foot expansion of its Composite Processing and Repair Center at SACS-USA, to include new equipment and processes for the repair and overhaul of various composite components including fan cases, acoustic liners, stationary air/oil seals, spinner cones, fan platforms, outer guide vanes and vane booster assemblies and many other composite-based parts and materials.