Steam turbine at 1.2 kW

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At 1.2 kW, the Green Turbine may well be the smallest steam turbine in the market. It's is approximately 9 kg, The length is 28 cm, diameter is 19 cm. Steam pressure is 5,2 bar absolute, condenser pressure is 0,1 bar. A higher condenser pressure (0,25 bar) is possible but output and efficiency will be lower. Temperature of the steam is 200 C. The generators deliver 3 phase AC, frequency 1000 Hz. After rectification the power is fed to a DC/AC converter, capable of conversion to the desired output (e.g. 120 VAC/60 Hz).


The smallest size of the Green Turbine will deliver 1 kW, the largest size 15 kW. The design (patent pending) does not need guide blades and gears. Losses are further reduced by using a near vacuum for the turbine wheels and generators.

The high speed, about 30,000 rpm, makes a compact machine. The use of a condenser results in a closed feedwater/steam circuit. The heat, released in the condenser, can be used for heating or cooling purposes. A CHP domestic heater with a Green Turbine can have an overall efficiency of 95% or higher and will save 1 ton CO2 annually.