Sypris to Supply High-Pressure Closures for Gorgon LNG Project

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The company received an award to supply specialty high-pressure closures for carbon-capture and storage facilities at the Gorgon Project in western Australia.

Sypris Technologies has been granted an award to supply high-pressure closures for the Gorgon Project in western Australia, and shipments under this award are expected to be completed by the end of 2024. These high-pressure closures will support the optimization of existing carbon-capture and storage facilities at the Gorgon Project site on Barrow Island, Australia.

"Sypris continues to be a leader in supplying high-pressure specialty closures to support energy projects globally,” said Brett Keener, General Manager, Sypris Technologies. “By leveraging our extensive engineering design and manufacturing expertise, we believe we are qualified to support these types of demanding requirements. We are proud to be a part of a project with a goal to help provide clean, reliable energy and reduce the world’s carbon footprint."


The Gorgon Project is a large-scale natural gas project comprised of three trains with a combined capacity of 15.6 MTPA and a domestic gas plant. Energy provided by Gorgon is expected to put Australia in a position to meet future demand and provide clean-burning fuel, both domestically and internationally.

It includes CO2 injection and is prepared to reach a greenhouse gas (GHG) capture milestone at the Gorgon LNG facility: injecting and trapping five million tons of GHG (CO2e) into a large sandstone formation two km under Barrow Island. The injection of five million tons of CO2 is equivalent to removing more than 1.6 million passenger vehicles off Australia’s roads for a year.

Sypris will manufacture and supply its Tube Turns high-pressure Tool-less closures for installation on the filtration systems for the Gorgon Project. The closures will be 44 inches in diameter, rated to a pressure of 710 psi, and includes a full-wetted surface overlay with Inconel Alloy 625—a nickel-based superalloy that has high strength properties and resistance to elevated temperatures.