TAS Energy delivers TIC modules for Australian LNG project

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TAS Energy recently delivered major Turbine Inlet Chilling (TIC) modules to Bechtel for an LNG project in Australia. The TIC system will deliver 14 000 TR (49 238 kWth) to the gas turbines running the compressors for the liquefaction process to ensure consistent inlet air temperature in the turbine fleet. 


One of the world’s first TIC application used in the LNG process, the concept is said to improve the gas turbine’s output when high ambient temperatures negatively impact its efficiency and performance, thus improving the overall plant’s MW production.

A consistent turbine inlet air temperature stabilizes compressor power input, and thus helps to maximize LNG plant production, as well as optimize compressor selection. J.T. Grumski, President & CEO of TAS Energy said, “The Australia LNG projects are all substantially significant to the Asia Pacific region and the energy market as a whole and we’re honored to be a part of it.”