TAS Energy to provide chiller package for Grand River Energy Center project

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TAS Energy has recently been awarded a contract to manufacture and deliver a Turbine Inlet Chilling solution for the new Grand River Energy Center Unit 3 project, a combined cycle plant owned by the Grand River Dam Authority, located in Chouteau, Oklahoma. The project is expected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2016, and will be supplied to TIC - The Industrial Company, the chosen EPC for the new combined cycle project.

TAS Energy's patented Turbine Inlet Chilling solution will include 1 F-70 chiller package, supplying approximately 7,500 tons, and one GT filter house coil package for one Mitsubishi Hitachi M501J  gas turbine at the Grand River Energy Center.

The implementation of the TIC package will provide additional peak time megawatts for the unit, compensating on power lost as a result of ambient temperature derate (loss of output associated with increased outside temperature). This system will not only recover the lost power associated with ambient derate, but will also provide additional power by chilling the inlet air entering the gas turbine below its ISO rated point. This will provide additional power for a lower cost to the customers of the Grand River Energy Center.


J.T. Grumski, President and CEO of TAS Energy said, "We are confident our packaged, modular design and cutting edge efficiency improvements will provide a reliable and valuable service."