TAS Energy wins thermal energy storage and inlet chilling contract for a 1,300 MW combined cycle

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TAS Energy


has been awarded a generation storage contract, a combination of Thermal Energy Storage (TES) and Turbine Inlet Chilling (TIC), at the new 1,300 MW combined-cycle





Warren County Power Station in Virginia. The company will be providing three of its patented F-70 chiller packages, each rated at 7,900 tons, and a variable-speed pump skid that interfaces with the TES tank, gas turbine filter house coils and the chiller packages.

TAS Energy will deliver the bulk of the TIC system including the inlet cooling coils and the coil modules. When placed in combination with a TES tank, the F-70 chiller packages and pump skid is expected to provide inlet chilling for the 1,300 megawatt combined cycle project which will utilize three Mitsubishi M501G gas turbines and one Mitsubishi TC4F steam turbine.

TAS Energy’s SuperPeak technology allows a gas turbine operator to shift from partial TES discharge to full TES discharge quickly and reliably. This technology is to be incorporated within this system, which will enable Dominion to maximize the plant’s output when energy demand is high. The contract was awarded by Warren County Energy Partners (WCEP), a joint venture between Zachry Industrial, Inc. and Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company, Inc., and is expected to be operational in 2014.