The new LM6000-PF+ promises output up to 58 MW

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The LM6000-PF+ has an output between 54 MW and 58 MW (72,752 hp) and a 42.6% simple cycle efficiency. In combined cycle mode, efficiency rises to 56% (2xLM6000-PF+) and output to 139 MW. Only proven technologies from other LM6000 gas turbines and GE’s aviation engines are employed in the LM6000-PF+, which, is said to provide customers one of the best dollars-per-kilowatt solutions among aeroderivatives. This new aeroderivative gas turbine can reach full power in less than 10 minutes.

With a cold- or hot-end drive, it can operate in both power generation and oil and gas applications. This includes natural gas offshore production and floating liquefied natural gas applications. The PF+ builds on technologies from the LM6000-PG/PH and -PD/PF with more than 95% in common. It uses a 19-stage axial compressor capable of up to 33:1 pressure ratio. This compressor has super polished compressor airfoils. It employs a DLE 1.5 combustor which can operate on gaseous fuels, as well as liquid fuel with no water injection while meeting standard emissions requirements.


At its heart are a two-stage high pressure turbine and a five-stage low pressure turbine 

(3,930 rpm)

. The exhaust temperature is 933°F. As of March 2015, the LM6000 platform has more than 1,100 units delivered to more than 50 countries. With more than 31 million operating hours, package reliability is greater than 99% and availability is above 98%.

The LM6000-PF+ has been configured to provide more output in simple cycle while increasing the exhaust temperature to address combined heat and power and combined cycle applications. SPRINT technology can be added to boosts power by up to 15% (SPRINT stands for SPRay INTercooling, which involves injection of water droplets in front of the low pressure compressor to maximize turbine output).