Three GE 6F.01 gas turbines to generate power at Guangxi province

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GE has received an order for three 6F.01 gas turbines from Nanjing Turbine & Electric Machinery Group Co. (NTC). The new Huaneng Power Inc. (HPI) Guilin World Resort distributed power project in Guangxi province, China, is expected to generate the equivalent power needs of 175 000 homes annually.

(GE's  6F.01 gas turbine)


The project also supports the local government’s energy policy, GE said, because the 6F.01 offers reduced emissions compared to the coal-fired power plants currently providing power in the region.

According to GE, this is the first order for its revamped 6F.01 gas turbine, which was first introduced as the 6C in Turkey in 2004. Through system level enhancements and improved cooling and sealing technologies, the 6F.01 now provides 10 percent higher output and 5 percent better heat rate, resulting in the highest efficiency in combined-cycle (nearly 56 percent) and cogeneration (over 80 percent) of any gas turbine below 100 MW, the company said.

For HPI, this is the first gas turbine project in Guangxi province, and its first distributed power project. In CHP mode, the three 6F.01 gas turbines have the capacity to supply a combined total of more than 175 MW of power and over 116 thermal MW of heat to the region.

As GE’s local partner, NTC will supply additional equipment for the plant and work with GE on an accelerated timeline for construction and the start of commercial operation.