Toshiba to supply two sets of 175MW STGs for Mexican combined cycle plant

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Toshiba Corporation recently announced that it has received an order to supply two sets of steam turbine and generators (STG) for the Norte III Combined Cycle Power Plant in Chihuahua, Mexico. Toshiba is likely to start delivery of STG to the site from August 2016 and the plant is scheduled to come on line in August 2017.

Toshiba will supply two sets of 175MW STG for the plant, a combined cycle power plant that improves generating efficiency by deploying both a gas turbine and steam turbine, the second powered by the steam from the first. The project is called Norte III combined cycle power project.


Owned and operated by Abengoa, the major Spanish engineering company, Norte III’s engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor is also Abengoa, and Toshiba has bagged the STG contract for Norte III project. Once constructed, the plant is expected to be one of the largest in Mexico with 925MW.

Toshiba supplied STG for Mexico’s Centro Morelos Combined Cycle Power Plant in 2013, a project where Abengoa was in charge as the EPC contractor. The challenge facing power providers in Mexico today is to reduce the price of electricity. With thermal power generation accounting for 70% of total capacity, demand for combined cycle gas turbine systems is expected to grow, as they are highly economical when fueled with cheap shale gas.