TPM Opens Additive Manufacturing Facility in South Carolina

Published on: 

TPM aims to boost regional manufacturing through the demonstration of 3D printing technology and printed parts.

TPM, a provider of design and manufacturing solutions, has inaugurated its additive manufacturing lab in Greenville, South Carolina. This facility aims to be a regional showcase for additive and 3D printing technology and supply outsourced 3D printed parts throughout the Southeast, which helps promote the expansion of the industry.

The lab is outfitted with technology from manufacturers like Markforged, HP, 3D Systems, Artec 3D, and AMT. These components can help in increasing TPM's ability to offer services characterized by precision, quality, and efficiency.

"The establishment of our advanced additive lab represents a significant stride in TPM's growth strategy in the Southeastern manufacturing industry, providing the latest technology solutions to our clients," stated Chris Fay, President of TPM.


This launch strengthens the region's manufacturing capabilities by offering local manufacturers the tools needed for rapid innovation, cost reduction, and faster product market entry.

The decision to create the additive manufacturing lab is a response to the escalating demand for 3D printing in the manufacturing industry, reflecting TPM's belief in additive manufacturing's transformative potential and its influence on future production methods.

This launch comes at a time when manufacturers are increasingly investigating new methods to improve their processes, enhance product quality, and retain a competitive advantage.