tuning combustion turbines

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Orbital Gas Systems Ltd., has received an order for eight (8) retail units of its GasPTi device from National Grid


"Arial","sans-serif";color:#333333">in the United Kingdom (UK). The units are being ordered for installation as part of a retrofit of engine control processes on several large, gas-fired compressor turbines


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According to National Grid, the retrofit with the GasPTi devices is intended to decrease fuel consumption; reduce emissions;

color:#333333"> and improve the efficiency and thereby life-expectancy of these valuable machines. National Grid operates as many as 60 of the gas-fired turbines at 23 compressor stations and has changed its strategy on a Gas Chromatograph replacement project to cancel the GC's and replace them with GasPTi devices.

By providing almost real-time data to the control processor, the GasPTi, using the proprietary GasPT2 and VE-Probe technologies, allows the operator to tune a gas-fired turbine in such a way as to create far better efficiencies and far lower emissions. This sale represents the first retail sales by Orbital-UK of the GasPTi for this specific "engine-control" application.

Roger Wood a Senior Gas Quality Engineer with National Grid explained that, "The Gas PTi removes 'the steps' we currently have in data from the gas chromatographs; this is a major advancement in providing control for these engines. The GasPTi also helps us to reduce our operating costs, which is currently an important initiative for the company"

As explained by Orbital's Managing Director, Andrew Ridge, "This order represents our first retail sales into the gas turbine market and continues our partnership with National Grid. That partnership is designed to create efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve the services provided by National Grid to its customers throughout the United Kingdom."

CUI Global's president & CEO, William Clough, stated that, "By continuing to associate ourselves and our GasPTi device with energy providers as respected as National Grid, we continue to prove the viability and value of our GasPT2 and VE-Probe technologies. The GasPTi is especially applicable to the natural gas-fired turbine sector because of its value proposition and the 'real-time' nature of its analysis."