Gas turbine filtration in humid conditions

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Between May and October, Ratchaburi, Thailand becomes very hot and humidity remains above 80%. Filters without permanent moisture protection quickly lose their separation efficiency under these conditions and wear out faster. As a result, the penetrating moisture can pollute the machines and damage them.

The two gas turbine power plants in Ratchaburi had to be changed out to handle these climaic conditions better, says Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, since the filters malufunctioned leading to turbine fouling quickly.

With the aim of reliably protecting the turbines at the two power plants against the demanding climatic conditions over the long term, our experts worked with the power plant operator to devise the optimal solution. 800 and 672 sets respectively of Viledon GTS Pulse-Jet filter cartridges of filter class F 9 / ISO ePM1 80 % replaced the previously installed filters. The synthetic organic filter material serves as a coalescer and protects the filters and turbines against excessive moisture and penetrating water. Coarse dirt particles are also trapped by the protection.


While the previously used filters had to be replaced in the rainy season after only three months, the filter cartridges from have been functioning for two years now, says Freudenberg Filtration Technologies.