Upgrades to 9E deliver 2.2% efficiency boost

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GE Power has completed the Advanced Gas Path (AGP) upgrades on four 9E gas turbines at East Delta Electricity Production Company’s 1.5 gigawatts (GW) West Damietta Power Plant in Lower Egypt. The upgrade solution has helped to enhance fuel efficiency by up to 2.2 percent and increase the average output per turbine by over 4.5 megawatts (MW), leading to a total output increase of 18 MW at the facility – the equivalent electricity needed to power up to 15,000 Egyptian homes. The technology has also substantially increased the average duration between maintenance works on the units from 12,000 hours to 32,000 hours, significantly reducing operational costs.

GE’s AGP solution offers customers a range of performance advancements that can be tailored based on their operational needs. The technology has been installed on more than 435 gas turbines across 39 countries on five continents, generating $775 million a year in benefits for power producers.

GE has also previously successfully installed the AGP upgrade on four 9F gas turbines in Egypt located at the Kureimat and Nubaria Power Plants. The upgrades led to an average output increase of about 7 percent per unit and extended the average lifetime of each turbine by 24,000 hours.


GE has supported the development of energy, healthcare and transportation infrastructure across Egypt for over 40 years and today GE-built technologies can deliver up to 16 GW to the national grid.