Valmet and Solar Turbines to develop cogen systems for tissue industry

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Valmet and Solar Turbines have agreed to cooperate with a view to further develop integrated gas turbine cogeneration systems for the tissue industry. The target of the joint development of the energy optimizing systems is to contribute to the reduction of tissue mills’ production costs and improve the energy efficiency of the production process.

Valmet and Solar Turbines share a long history in the development of cogeneration systems. Ever since the 1990s, the companies have been jointly working on the integration between cogeneration gas turbines and hood air systems for the tissue drying process.

In 2016, a cooperation was established with Solar Turbines’ Power Generation business unit and its subsidiary Turbomach to further enhance these solutions. “The development cooperation between Valmet and Solar Turbines aims at providing the tissue producers with the ultimate integration of a cogeneration system to a tissue machine taking into account the different customer needs and the energy market where the tissue production is located” says Paolo DellaNegra, Manager, Sales Department, Valmet.


“The target of the Valmet/Solar Turbines agreement is to propose a game changer in the tissue mill energy management, bringing together the best in class of tissue production and power generation” says Benoît Fécamp, Paper & Tissue Market – Global, Market Development - Power Generation, Solar Turbines.

Over the years, Valmet and Solar Turbines have been working on developing and optimizing integrated gas turbine cogeneration and delivering the system worldwide. Integrated gas turbine cogeneration has been successfully applied to conventional and textured tissue production