Variable speed drive compressor delivers energy savings in UK plant

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The plant is one of many IFF plants worldwide producing fragrances and flavours that are used in products such as beverages, sweets, dairy, savoury products, as well as fine fragrances, beauty care products, detergents, and household goods. The Haverhill plant recently underwent a significant expansion. A major part of the expansion was the upgrading of the plant’s Atlas Copco compressed air system.


IFF is a long-standing customer of Atlas Copco Compressors who, prior to the expansion programme, had originally installed an oil-free, fixed speed ZT3A together with a ZT290 machine on a service contract at the site. The compressors provide 100% Oil Free air for process instrumentation, the operation of pneumatic valves for powder transfer and plant-to-plant product conveying.   



Performance logging of the compressors, carried out prior to the expansion highlighted the fact that significant energy savings could be achieved with the installation of a single variable speed drive compressor to replace both existing units. The ZT160VSD was selected for its ability to match compressed output to demand in variable full load/variable load production cycles and its wide turndown range.  This single compressor alone can provide all the air for the site while the old ZT3A has been retained as a standby unit.


The ZT160VSD machine was supplied to IFF on a Service Investment Plan (SIP) contract rental arrangement that includes the Total Responsibility service provision.  Not all compressed air users are able to undertake the major capital investment required to take advantage of the latest technological innovations to match their current and future needs. Atlas Copco Compressors’ SIP links into its service contracts, provides free site audits, delivers new energy-efficient compressors on a lease contract and requires no capital investment.