Velo3D and GoEngineer form US distribution partnership

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VELO3D’s manufacturing facility in Campbell, California where final assembly and test takes place for all Sapphire 3D metal printers. All systems are shipped from this location.[/caption]

As demand for their industry-leading additive manufacturing systems grows, VELO3D has announced the formation of a U.S.-wide distribution partnership with GoEngineer. GoEngineer will operate as an extension of VELO3D, dedicating resources to educate designers about SupportFree technology, while offering sales and service support for various products such as Flow pre-print software, Sapphire metal AM printer, and Assure quality assurance and control system.


VELO3D offers SupportFree process, which reduces the consideration of support structures for complex passageways, shallow overhangs, and low angles. Coupled with their non-contact recoater, VELO3D’s printing process can create the intricate cooling passageways and fuel delivery channels needed to achieve high-output fluid transmission and electrical power.

GoEngineer offers design solutions including CAD, PLM, and 3D printers.