Verdagy Opens CA Manufacturing Facility for Hydrogen Electrolyzer

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Verdagy’s facility will produce water electrolyzers at increased scale, beginning operations in early 2024.

Verdagy has announced the opening of new manufacturing facility in Newark, CA, containing more than 100,000 sq. ft. of space to build hydrogen electrolyzer technology.

The Silicon Valley facility will manufacture advanced water electrolyzers in vast quantity, beginning commercial operation in Q1 2024. Verdagy intends on doubling its total number of employees by next summer to support operation at the electrolyzer facility.

"We are focused on building an entire renewable hydrogen ecosystem in California to achieve our climate goals, including the crucial step of manufacturing electrolyzers," said Dee Dee Myers, Senior Advisor to Governor Newsom and Director of the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development. "Verdagy's decision to expand its footprint here reflects California's strength in creating new markets, enabling the creation of clean-energy jobs while solving our most existential challenges with the technology of the future."


Verdagy is on track to comply with the DOE’s goal of a $2/kg cost of hydrogen by 2026 through the optimization of manufacture. The development of manufacturing techniques, cost reductions, and product innovations allows Verdagy to implement a scalable manufacturing design to level the cost of hydrogen.

The opening of Verdagy’s California facility aligns with the state’s priority to develop hydrogen and receive federal funding to become a hydrogen hub, as detailed in Governor Newsom’s Hydrogen Market Development Strategy.

Last month, Verdagy partnered with Temasek and Shell Ventures to close a $73 million Series B funding round. Verdagy will utilize the funds for the launch and commercialization of its eDyanmic 20 MW electrolyzer module—the selected unit for systems at 200 MW and beyond.

"Our new Silicon Valley manufacturing facility will accelerate the production and cost reduction of our eDynamic 20 MW electrolyzer module, which is the basic building block for delivering larger, gigawatt-scale plants," said Marty Neese, Verdagy CEO.

Verdagy aims to design a facility that will become the basis for larger production factories built elsewhere, supporting the rapid manufacturing expansion goal set by the company. An existing location in Moss Landing, CA, will continue to conduct R&D and commercial pilot-plant operations to support Verdagy’s customers.