Vericor concludes field test of TF50F gas turbine

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Vericor Power Systems recently concluded the first field-test of 1000 hours with the TF50F dual fuel gas turbine on a direct drive hydraulic fracturing application.

The test, for BJ Services, was deemed a success with no gas turbine related incidents or unscheduled downtime. Various challenging operating conditions and fuel switching while at power were also tested successfully. Hardware inspection on the turbine after the field test showed no wear on any of the gas turbine parts, the company said. The core of the TF50F was derived from a time-tested Lycoming gas turbine and significantly enhanced for hydraulic fracture applications.

Vericor used a newly developed engine controller during this field test to match the required power from the frac pump.


Vericor Power Systems is owned by MTU Aero Engines and is the OEM of the TF series and ASE series GTs. Its aeroderivatives are used in marine, offshore, industrial and mobile power applications.

The TF40 (4,000 hp) and TF50 (5,000 hp) are used in the marine sector. Its VPS3 (TF40F) and VPS4 (TF50F) are favored in oil & gas. Its VPS3 (ASE40) and VPS4 (ASE50) are used mainly in the industrial sector.