Video: At TPS 2023 with ITT Goulds Pumps

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At TPS 2023, Turbomachinery International spoke with Todd Gerstenberger, Global Product Manager at ITT Goulds Pumps.


At Turbomachinery & Pump Symposia (TPS) 2023, Turbomachinery International interviewed Todd Gerstenberger, Global Product Manager at ITT Goulds Pumps, about the company’s focus at this year’s show, what they are showcasing, and what they are most excited about.

He discusses solutions for pumping and fluid handling in the oil and gas industry and talks about the company's oil filter on its new 3700 product.

ITT's VS6-style pump is built with the wet end as a tie-rod style impeller and diffuser. “What we've found is if you take that same type of arrangement and hang it on end, gravity and also the down thrust of the pump pulls everything straight and keeps everything in line. A VICR product [can support] 34 and 35 stages," Gerstendberger said.

He also said it can handle a lot of pressure.

The company also upgraded its 3700 products, highlighting the oil filter that filters out contaminants and pulls moisture out of the oil.