Voith receives first order for two VECO-Drives from Guangzhou,China

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On August 27, 2018 Voith and Guangzhou China Resources Thermal Power Co., Ltd. signed an order for two VECO-Drive speed control products for the NanSha thermal power plant located in Guangzhou City, part of the Guangdong province. The order covers two separate units, which will replace the existing speed control components for the boiler water feed pumps. The VECO-Drive solution aims to significantly improve the overall efficiency of the plant in the long-term.

With the integration of the new VECO-Drive products, Guangzhou China Resources Thermal Power Co., Ltd. is able to significantly decrease energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of the plant. According to upfront conducted simulations, the two VECO-Drives will lead to a reduction of approx. 4,000 metric tons in standard coal and 13,500 tons in CO2 emissions each year.


The VECO-Drive is an electric superimposing gear and combines a mechanical planetary gear with frequency-controlled servo motors. It is inspired by the established principle of the Voith Vorecon with more than 600 installations and is the most efficient way to make speed variable, by using servo motors to drive a planetary gear. Since they only need a small part of rated power, an overall component efficiency of more than 97 percent is reached.