Voith releases OnCare.Health Vorecon data diagnostics system

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Voith released a new data diagnostics system called OnCare.Health Vorecon. The system is intended to increase the availability of the relevant drivetrains while lowering maintenance costs.

The system learns, monitors, and performs diagnostics in real time. By means of typical signal patterns, the system first learns the reference state of the machine. Then it continuously monitors, records, analyzes, and evaluates the relevant signals.

Using signal and trend analyses, the system predicts the future behavior of the machine. Significant changes are recognized and reported before an alarm is triggered or a fault occurs. When faults arise, their root causes can be quickly and precisely analyzed and eliminated based on the data.


Voith designed the system interface to be easily accessible and user-friendly. The user receives in-depth knowledge about the machine’s behavior under various conditions. From the data in OnCare.Health Vorecon, Voith generates a monthly service report containing extensive performance diagnostics for the machine, including a servicing and maintenance recommendation. This is meant to ensure optimal stocking of spare parts and allows service to be scheduled based on the machine state and not according to a fixed cycle.