Voith Turbo supplies 100th BHS turbo gearbox to Siemens

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The 100th BHS turbo gearbox from the Voith Turbo site in Sonthofen made its way to Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery in Finspång, Sweden, in mid-September 2017. This gearbox marks a milestone in the cooperation between Voith Turbo BHS and Siemens. Since the beginning of their collaboration in 2009, the number of turbo gearboxes ordered has risen continuously each year. Since their introduction, these units have represented extremely high accuracy and reliability in the transmission of forces.

Siemens uses the AD 114-2 turbo gearbox in the SGT-800 gas turbine which was designed initially for industrial generation of electricity in both decentralized and combined cycle power plants. The BHS turbo gearbox currently being supplied utilizes a turbine speed of 6,609 rpm to power a generator at 1,500 rpm for an output of up to 57 megawatts.


Once the 100th BHS turbo gearbox has been installed in the turbine line at Finspång, the system will make its way from Sweden to Bolivia this year. There it will become part of a comprehensive package of equipment for the state power company ENDE Andina. With this Bolivia not only stabilizes and secures constant power supply for the general public but also strengthens the export of power to neighbouring states. Commissioning is planned for mid-2018.