With no new finds, UAE depends on enhanced oil recovery to boost oil production

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The U.S. EIA says that recent exploration in the UAE has not yielded any significant discoveries of crude oil. What the UAE lacks in new discoveries it makes up for with an emphasis on EOR techniques designed to extend the lifespan of the Emirates' existing oil fields. “By improving the recovery rates at the existing fields, such techniques helped the UAE to nearly double the proved reserves in Abu Dhabi over the past decade.”

Top 10 countries for proved oil reserves, 2013

                                Country                                    Billion barrels

                                 Venezuela                                    297.6


                                 Saudi Arabia                                267.9

                                 Canada                                        173.1

                                 Iran                                             154.6

                                 Iraq                                             141.4

                                 Kuwait                                         104.0

                                 United Arab Emirates                     97.8

                                 Russia                                           80.0

                                 Libya                                             48.0

                                 Nigeria                                          37.2