Wood Group GTS completes maintenance services worth $2m for Frame 5 and 6B gas turbines

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Wood Group GTS has completed $2 million worth of major maintenance services for Frame 6B and Frame 5 gas turbines at a US and a Costa Rican power station respectively. The combination of work included a major inspection and the repair of hot gas path parts: turbine buckets, nozzles, shrouds, transition pieces, crossfire tubes, fuel nozzles, flow sleeves and bearings.


At the US facility, the operating profile of the combined cycle power plant had been changed from base load to peaking duty, serving the reserve power market. As a result, the gas turbine was scheduled to run fewer than 100 hours per year. The projected maintenance cost was significant compared to the revenue likely to be earned by the peaking plant. At the Costa Rican facility, there was a greater advantage for the customer to repair their parts rather than replacing them with new components.

Frank Avery of Wood Group GTS - Power Plant Services said the implementation of maintenance solutions has helped increase plant availability and minimize the risk of unplanned outages. Wood Group GTS has worked with both facilities previously, supplying major maintenance services that have included field services, component repairs, and the supply of Wood Group's Advanced Parts Manufacture (APM) parts.