Wood Group GTS enables Leventis Nigeria to meet additional power demands

Published on: 

Wood Group GTS has secured a contract with Leventis Overseas Limited for the supply of three refurbished Nomad 5 power packages for use in Nigeria. The contract, which has a value in excess of $3m, involves procurement and refurbishment of each power pack, encompassing overhaul of the TB5000 gas turbines, testing of auxiliary equipment and installation of modern PLC-based control systems to ensure reliable operation in service.


The Nomad 5 is said to be a complete, single-trailer power package, capable of generating up to 3MW ISO, which can be relocated easily and quickly, towed from one location to another as needed, and be operational within 48 hours.

This award builds on previous contracts for the supply of equipment and maintenance services to Leventis and will help to meet demand for additional power at two of their glass bottle manufacturing plants in Nigeria. All refurbishment work relating to this contract will be performed in the UK, including at the newly opened gas turbine service centre situated in Lincoln, England.