X-Energy, Kinectrics Partner to Open Helium Testing Facility, Test Performance of SMRs

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Helium gas will be utilized in the SMR to produce electricity or provide heat for industrial applications.

X-Energy and Kinectrics are collaborating to design, build, and operate a commercial-scale Helium Test Facility (HTF) in North America. This facility aims to evaluate and confirm the performance of crucial structures, systems, and components of X-energy's Xe-100 small modular reactor in high-temperature and high-pressure helium-based environments.

The Xe-100 will employ circulating helium gas to transfer heat from the reactor core to a heat exchanger, generating high-temperature steam that can be harnessed for electricity production or heat provision in industrial processes. These tests will facilitate design verification and furnish Kinectrics and X-energy with performance data on essential reactor systems, including the Reactivity Control & Shutdown System, Helium Purification System, Helium Circulator System, and Fuel Handling System.


X-energy and Kinectrics anticipate announcing the HTF site this summer and finalizing its design in 2023, with the objective of establishing an operational facility by 2025.