X-Energy Submits Xe-100 Small Modular Reactor for Pre-Licensing Review

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The Xe-100 small modular reactor was submitted to and completed the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission’s pre-licensing vendor design review.

X-Energy Reactor Company has completed the required milestones in the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission’s (CNSC) pre-licensing vendor design review for the design of its Xe-100 advanced small modular reactor (SMR). The SMR design underwent the CNSC’s combined phase 1 and phase 2 vendor design review (VDR) process, with the commission concluding that there are no fundamental barriers to licensing the product.

X-Energy has been involved with the CNSC in its optional VDR process since July of 2020, and included the submission of more than 400 technical documents and whitepapers across 19 focus areas. The process offers an opportunity for advanced nuclear technology developers to demonstrate understanding and compliance with Canadian licensing requirements and seek detailed feedback prior to a formal license application. The company will continue to work with the CNSC in pursuit of phase 3 design review.


The Xe-100 reactor and TRISO-X fuel are designed for safety, expanding applications and markets for the deployment of nuclear technology. The Xe-100 SMR can also address a wide range of uses and applications, including those that rely on fossil fuels to produce steam and high-temperature heat for manufacturing, natural resource extraction, petroleum refining, and hydrogen production.

“The completion of the pre-licensing milestone underscores the regulatory and commercial readiness of the Xe-100 and demonstrates the opportunity to bring our advanced high-temperature gas reactor technology to the Canadian market,” said J. Clay Sell, CEO of X-Energy. “The work performed through the VDR and our engagements with the CNSC well position X-energy for future licensing applications. This is a great step forward for our high-temperature gas reactor technology and our future industrial and power generation deployments across Canada.”

The Department of Energy’s (DOE) advanced reactor demonstration program is supporting X-Energy’s deployment of the Xe-100 at Dow’s Seadrift, TX facility. In addition to this deployment location, the DOE will support a commercial facility to manufacture TRISO-X high-assay low-enriched uranium-based fuel for newer reactors.