ZEDEDA Collaborates with Oil, Gas Firms on Computing Solutions

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New computing tools can enable cost savings and enhanced safety, according to the company.

As uncertainty persists in oil and gas prices, firms are turning to companies like ZEDEDA, a player in edge infrastructure orchestration, to harness data and augment automation for operational optimization and to gain a competitive edge.

Prompt and actionable insights harvested from edge environments, such as oil rigs, wells, and refineries, could lead to savings of millions of dollars by reducing equipment malfunctions, enhancing safety, and ensuring regulatory compliance. These locations are often remote with limited on-site personnel, necessitating tools specially designed to manage and secure edge infrastructure.

ZEDEDA, partnering with Advantech and Arrow Electronics, has proved instrumental in aiding oil and gas operators in their digital transformation and enhancing remote management capabilities for connected operations. The collaboration resulted in a new integrated solution for Connected Oilfield Systems.

Despite executive recognition of the significance of digitization for the realization of desired benefits, large-scale deployment of such technologies remains challenging. McKinsey's research revealed that nearly all companies have embarked on digitization initiatives, yet 70% have not advanced beyond the pilot phase.


Michael Maxey, ZEDEDA's VP of Business Development, is set to participate in the Data Driven Oil & Gas USA 2023 Conference on Tuesday, June 20 at 2:50 pm CT. Maxey will join the "Cutting Edge — Latest Innovative Technology" panel alongside representatives from Oxy, ANSYS, Cognite, and PERTEX.

The panel aims to delve into how technological progress is making data-driven operational models feasible for oil and gas firms as they endeavor to digitize their businesses. Given the remote and often unstaffed nature of their equipment locations, companies require real-time visibility into their assets and data to operate efficiently.

Maxey noted, "There's so much opportunity for the oil and gas industry to innovate with edge AI and IoT solutions." He further pointed out that the deployment of edge computing platforms can assist organizations in enhancing efficiency, maintaining safety, and progressing towards a more sustainable future.