100MW modular turbine plant to meet power shortfall in Uruguay

Published on: 

APR Energy recently announced the commercial operation of its 100MW temporary power generation project in Uruguay. The modular turbine plant will provide supplementary power to a previously existing site in Punta del Tigre, approximately 40 kilometers northwest of the capital city, Montevideo. The Punta del Tigre plant is the latest APR Energy temporary power plant to be commissioned this year.


The APR power solution was requested by its customer in Uruguay to combat an urgent power shortfall in the region. APR Energy responded by providing expedited logistics and installation for the project, with the primary generation equipment being air-freighted into the country within two days of contract signature.

APR Energy President and Chief Operating Officer, Laurence Anderson said, "Gas turbines have been utilized in Uruguay on a larger scale for some time and the region understands the balance of speed of delivery and high environmental standards that these units can provide."