12 Centrax packages bound for Siberia

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Twelve Centrax gas turbine packages, each comprising a single 5.2MW Rolls-Royce 501-KB7 gas turbine, are being readied for service at the UstTeguss field, at the heart of the highly competitive and environmentally challenging Siberian oil and gas industry.

Here in the Tyumen region of the West Siberian plain, some 1600km east of Moscow, the Centrax units’ total generating capacity of 62.4MW will meet the facility’s growing energy demands. The units will run on gas recovered from oil drilling operations, which would normally be flared.


When commissioning work is complete the total number of Centrax generating sets operated by facility owner Rosneft will reach a total of 29.

The Tyumen region has an average temperature over the whole year of only around 1.3°

C with continuous sub-freezing conditions for much of the winter.