12 gas turbines in mega Saudi IGCC plant connected to grid

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Twelve gas turbines in the Saudi Aramco Jazan 3,850-MW Power Plant,


by China Huadian, were connected to the grid in early February. The gas turbines used are Siemens SGT6-5000F. The entire IGCC plant including all the processes is likely to become fully operational by the end of this year.

The IGCC plant will have a maximum power production capacity of 3,800 MW from which 1,000 MW will be used internally, including 300 MW that will be sent to the Saudi Aramco Refinery within the JCPDI, with the remainder (2,500 MW) to be exported to Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) for the National Grid.


The Project will include air separation units (ASUs) gasifier units (GFU), acid gas removal units (AGR), soot ash removal units (SARU), sulphur recovery units (SRU) and finally the power blocks. Ancillary to the primary components are utilities e.g., water treatment, wastewater treatment, tankage, etc. The IGCC complex also includes a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant that has been designed to produce approximately 1,700 m3/h of desalinated water for industrial and on-site uses including potable water supply.

The IGCC Facility operates on the principles of industrial ecology as it is tightly integrated in terms of process flows with the Jazan Refinery. The primary feedstock for the IGCC gasifiers is from the refinery process with high sulphur fuel oil as a secondary feedstock. The IGCC will produce certain products for Saudi Aramco’s refinery (oxygen, nitrogen, sulphur, nickel, vanadium, hydrogen, steam, water and power) and export power for the national network.