3D printing technology produces parts without support structures

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Velo3D printers can create parts for microturbines, turbopumps, and heat exchangers.

A whitepaper published by metal additive manufacturing company (AM) Velo3D discusses some of the parts that their AM solution can print. These include zero-degree overhangs, circular holes (up to 100mm), conical surfaces, domes, and thin pins/walls. These structures can all be printed without the use of supports. Velo3D targets its AM applications towards microturbines, turbopumps, and heat exchangers

Velo3D’s Sapphire printer can print circular holes anywhere between 500μm and 100mm. Tilting the part by a few degrees allows for features to be printed from 300μm to more than 200mm.

The technology allows for the creation of domes with an interior diameter up to 150mm without the need for supports. Outward growing conical surfaces that exceed 30 degrees do not require supports, while inward growing cones are stable down to nearly 0 degrees.

Velo3D printers can also produce thin s and walls. Pins at low angles (around 15 degrees) can be manufactured as thin as 190μm but can be made thinner by being placed at more vertical angles. Leak-tight walls can be produced at 325μm. Non-leak-tight walls can reach 150μm.


Currently, the system works with the following materials:

  • Nickel: Inconel 718, Inconel 625, Hastelloy C-22, and Hastelloy X
  • Titanium: Ti-6Al-4V Grade 23, and Grade 5
  • Aluminum: F357, Scalmalloy