700 MW combined cycle plant in Turkey features complete automation

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Metso has signed an agreement with Turkey’s AGE ENERJI Yatirimlari AS to automate a greenfield combined-cycle power plant in Denizli, Turkey. The 205.5 MW greenfield power plant fueled by natural gas is scheduled to start up by the end of 2012. After completion of the new plant in Denizli, the company's total electricity production capacity will amount to 295 MW in 2013. AGE ENERJI has set its future target at 700 MW, by the year 2016.


Metso's delivery scope consists of a DNA automation system which will control the power plant. All communication, controllers and I/O modules are redundant to ensure high system availability. The delivery is said to include an integrated Metso DNA information management system featuring advanced web-based solutions, and is expected to take place at the beginning of August.

The DNA user interface helps intuitive navigation and provides scalable process graphics with pop-up windows, loop-specific detailed operation windows and dynamic loop-specific interlock windows. The system interface is bilingual, in Turkish and English, and also supports a multi-lingual user interface.