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Elliott order

Elliott Group recently won the order for a coker compression string for the Antipinsky Refinery in Russia, part of its Phase III capacity expansion and incorporation of EURO-5 standards for diesel fuel. Foster Wheeler is the licensor and developer. Elliott will supply a 20M5 motor-driven compressor, lube oil system, dry gas seal panel and control system. The compressor string will enable the refinery to meet clean fuel requirements. It will be built at Elliott’s manufacturing facility in Sodegaura, Japan.

Shale gas LNG

UGI Energy Services has announced plans to double its liquefied natural gas (LNG) production with a new 120,000 gallon per day facility in northeast Pennsylvania that will use Marcellus Shale gas. The company expects to invest $60 million. It is likely to start commercial operation by early 2017. The proposed plant would be located next to UGI Energy’s Manning natural gas compression station in Wyoming County and would be supplied with natural gas from the Auburn gathering system. The facility also includes storage capacity. The pipelines transport locally produced gas to major interstate pipelines for delivery to the Mid-Atlantic.

Honeywell plant

The Rock Island Arsenal on the upper Mississippi River has announced a $22.4 million deal with Honeywell to replace its 101-year-old coal-fired central steam plant in Illinois with natural gas boilers throughout the island. The plant will be replaced with high-efficiency boilers in 30 buildings. The conversion is expected to save money and reduce emissions, and is likely to be completed in the fall of 2016.

Toshiba steam

Toshiba has received an order to supply two sets of steam turbine generators (STG) for the Norte III Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) in Chihuahua, Mexico. Toshiba is likely to start delivery of STGs to the site from August 2016 and the plant is scheduled to come on line in August 2017. Each STG can produce 175 MW.

Iranian combined cycle

Iran has allocated about $3.5 billion to switch gas power plants into combined cycle plants. Iran has added 2.871 GW of power generation capacity, but the generation level increased by only 1.98 GW due to low efficiency.

MHPS digest

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) has received an order for two M501J gas turbines and a steam turbine for the 950 MW LNG-fired Pyeongtaek CCPP to be built by Shin Pyeongtaek Power of Korea. MHPS signed a long-term service agreement for the gas turbines. The plant is slated to commence operations in 2019.

MHPS has received an order for a Combined Heat & Power (CHP) plant, featuring the company’s H-25 gas turbine. The order was placed by Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative. It is scheduled to go on-stream in July 2016.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and MHPS will transfer operations performed at MHI’s Kanazawa Plant and MHPS’s Yokohama Works to other sites. The aim is to optimize production bases for each product category. The transfer is scheduled for completion by the end of March 2016.

MHPS Americas has received an order from Virginia Electric & Power for three M501J turbines at its Greensville County Power Station in Virginia. These machines will be manufactured at MHPSA’s Savannah Machinery Works.

Chromalloy expansion

Chromalloy is expanding in Guaymas, Mexico, with a new facility that will double its current capacity to machine gas turbine components. Capabilities include machining of newly manufactured parts for aircraft engines and gas turbines. The 36,000 square foot plant is scheduled to be completed in the third quarter 2015. Once online, it will machine up to 68,000 components annually.

Alstom in Brazil

Alstom has signed an agreement with Brazil’s steam turbine manufacturer NG Metalurgica to enter the local market for small and mid-size steam turbines. NG Metalurgica will sell Alstom geared reaction steam turbines (GRT) in Brazil.

Alstom has been awarded a contract by Toyo Engineering to supply 12 GRT units (35 MW to 45 MW), generators, auxiliaries and condensers to Gulf MP for plants in Thailand. The first is expected to begin operation in May 2017, with the rest by 2019.

Chilling Mexico

Everest Sciences has signed a contract with Pemex for three ECOChill inlet cooling systems in Southern Mexico for a gas pipeline compressor station.

GE digest

GE Power Generation Services has renegotiated its contractual services agreement (CSA) with the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) to enhance the coverage of four GE 6FA gas turbines installed as part of two CCPP units. Each comprises two gas turbines and one non-GE steam turbine at the 867.5 MW Vasilikos Power Station. The units operate on a partial basis as required by system demand. The station also features one 6B open-cycle gas turbine and three non-GE steam turbines.

GE’s Power Generation Services business has renovated space at the former GE medium transformer manufacturing facility in Rome, Georgia, and will begin reusing it to warehouse refurbished and new parts such as rotors, compressor discharge casings, turbine shells and generator fields.

Advanced Power has selected GE to supply two 7F.05 gas turbines, one D650 steam turbine and the Rapid Response combined cycle system for the 700 MW Carroll County Energy Project in northeast Ohio. GE secured a 20-year service agreement.

Compañia Española de Petróleos (CEPSA) in Spain has added GE gas turbines at its Gibraltar-San Roque refinery. The fuel-flexible High Hydrogen Fuel DLN1 technology increased the gas turbine’s efficiency by enabling it to use recycled refinery fuel gas without needing additional water to generate power. Refinery gases are used as fuel for CEPSA’s internal processes with excess gas flared. GE’s turbine recaptures waste gas.

Microturbine orders

Capstone Turbine has received an order for a C1000 microturbine to upgrade a solid waste treatment center in Tampere, Finland, which is expected to be commissioned in early 2016. Fueled by landfill biogas collected from two stations on-site, the C1000 micro-turbine will be installed for CHP along with a 1,400 kW exhaust heat exchanger, booster, and automation and gas treatment systems.


Capstone Turbine received 1.4 MW in orders from its distributor E-Finity Distributed Generation for microturbines for oil and gas operations in the Marcellus and Utica Shale regions. This includes two new compressor stations in New York. A Capstone C800 Series will power one station and the other will have a C600 Series. Both the sites are likely to have a heat exchanger paired with the system. The CHP systems are expected to provide both primary electric power and a water heating source for buildings and facility fuel gas heating.

Siemens digest

Siemens recently signed a $9 billion deal with Egypt to supply gas and wind power plants to boost electricity generation by 50%. The installations add 16.4 GW to Egypt’s grid. The order includes 24 Siemens H-Class gas turbines to power new gas plants. Orascom Construction will build two CCPPs with a total generation capacity of 9.6 GW.

Siemens has been awarded an LTSA for the Brooklyn Navy Yard Cogeneration Power Plant in New York City. It involves parts and services for two SGT6-2000E GTs over a 12-year term, and features performance enhancements including Si3D turbine blade technology and Advanced Compressor Mass Flow (CMF+) modifications. The agreement includes SPPA-T3000 controls, SGEN6-1000A generators and SST-800 steam turbines. The Brooklyn Navy Yard Cogeneration Power Plant is a 286 MW facility that supplies electricity to the Navy Yard and ConEd, and steam to Con Ed, the Navy Yard, and a wastewater plant.

The company is supplying SGT5-8000H GTs along with steam turbines and generators to two single-shaft units in the Hamitabat CCPP in Turkey with a total capacity of 1,200 MW. Commissioning is scheduled for the summer of 2017. Each package consists of a model SGT5-8000H gas turbine, an SST5- 5000 steam turbine, a SGen5-3000W generator and the associated turbine I&C systems. Siemens will also provide technical services during erection and commissioning.

Siemens has been awarded a service contract for the turbocompressors operating at five compressor stations in Poland along the Yamal-Europe Transit Gas Pipelines System. The agreement provides four years of service for 16 turbocompressor trains, each consisting of an SGT-600 Siemens turbine and a 60P2 Dresser-Rand compressor. The stations have a total driving power of 400 MW.

A Siemens H-class gas turbine has achieved first firing at the Lausward CCPP in Düsseldorf, Germany. It is scheduled for commercial operation at the end of the year with an output of 595 MW. Steam generated at the plant will be used for district heating.

The company has been awarded a contract to supply two SGT6-8000H gas turbines and two generators to Mexico. The components are to be installed at the Empalme I CCPP in Sonora, Mexico. The plant will have an installed power generating capacity of 770 MW. Commercial operation is scheduled for November 2017. Siemens will supply two SGT6-8000H gas turbines and two SGen-2000H generators. Further, Mexico’s state electric utility CFE has awarded the construction of the 615 MW Valle de Mexico II CCPP which includes gas and steam turbines supplied by Siemens. The project is to be completed in December 2017.

Siemens completed the Incheon LNG CCPP 7, 8, and 9 units, 30 kilometers west of Seoul in Korea. Units 7 and 8 were completed on July 2014 and October 2014, while unit 9 went online in January. They are operated by POSCO Energy and use Hclass technology with an installed capacity of 1,262 MW. The plants are designed for 250 starts per year and are said to power up to full load in minutes. Each of three power islands consists of an SGT6-8000H gas turbine, an SST6-5000 HI-L steam turbine, an SGen6-2000H generator, a triple-pressure Benson heat recovery steam generator with SCR and the SPPA-T3000 I&C system.

Emerson Ovation

Emerson Process Management has won an order from NTPC Limited to provide automation for two new 800 MW supercritical generating units at the Darlipali Super Thermal Power Station in Odisha, India. Unit 1 commissioning is expected in December 2017, with Unit 2 to follow three months later. Emerson will engineer, install and commission Ovation systems to monitor and control each unit’s supercritical boiler and balance-of-plant equipment. Emerson will also provide its Rosemount Analytical online steam and water analysis system and a continuous emissions monitoring system, Rosemount pressure and level transmitters, and additional instrumentation.

RWG contracts

Dubai Petroleum has awarded two maintenance contracts to RWG (a joint venture of Wood Group and Siemens) for the overhaul of its RB211 24 GT and Avon 1535-200 gas generators.

FS-Elliott service center

FS-Elliott has built a 67,000 square foot service center located at its campus in Export, Pennsylvania. It houses the Global Services group. Operator and maintenance training will be held there to help users maximize the effectiveness of their compressor equipment and extend product life.

Power station acquired

PSEG Power has acquired the 755 MW Keys Energy Center project from Genesis Power and an energy-focused private equity fund managed by Ares EIF Management. PSEG Power plans to rename the facility the PSEG Keys Energy Center.

Located in Prince George’s County, Maryland, the PSEG Keys Energy Center will feature two gas-fired turbines and one steam turbine. No new transmission lines are required. Fuel to run the plant is also readily available; a major interstate natural gas pipeline is within close proximity.

PSEG Fossil will oversee construction, operate and maintain the CCPP. SNC Lavalin Constructors is the engineering, procurement and construction contractor. The plant will include emissions controls and run on natural gas.

MAN compressor in China

Commissioning has been completed on the first MAN Diesel & Turbo AR-MAX1 compressor in China. This air separation unit (ASU) was built by Air Products in Yulin China. It is expected to be fully placed onstream later this year.

Shortly after the release of the ARMAX1 in 2012, Air Products ordered four AIRMAX S trains. They each consist of a main air compressor (AR105/06M) and an integrally geared compressor (RG45-6) which is used as a booster compressor. A steam turbine (DK80/190R) positioned in between, drives both compressors.

“Since the sales release of the ARMAX1, we have received orders for 19 AIRMAX trains, 15 of which have been delivered,” said Kai Ziegler, Vice President Engineering Compressors and Expanders at MAN Diesel & Turbo.

The design of the AR-MAX1 combines industrial compressor advantages such as robust design and high efficiency, with the power density of compressors in gas turbines and aircraft engines. A MAN factory in Berlin manufactures the integrally geared compressors, while the AR-MAX1 axial compressors and the steam turbines are produced in Oberhausen.

Yulin, China will use four AIRMAX S trains

from MAN Diesel & Turbo." alignment="center"/>

Air Products will own and operate the air separation unit in Yulin, China. It is designed for a production capacity of 12,000 m.t. of oxygen per day (t/d), and provides significant volumes of nitrogen and dry compressed air for a coal-to-oil products facility.

Voith in Texas

Voith Turbo, a specialist for intelligent drive systems and solutions in the oil and gas sector, announced the opening of the company’s new Houston, Texas headquarters for the Power, Oil & Gas Division for the Americas region. Located in the heart of Houston’s Energy Corridor, the office furthers Voith Turbo’s commitment to expanding its presence in North America in order to support its oil and gas customers.