9HA.01 to replace coal in Israel plant

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GE has received an order for a second 9HA.01 heavy-duty gas turbine from Israel Electric Corp., the largest generator and supplier of electricity in Israel.

IEC is using GE’s HA gas turbine technology at its Orot Rabin plant, located in Hadera, Israel, as part of the conversion of the existing power station from coal to gas generation.

The order for the first unit, which is also the first HA gas turbine in Israel, was announced in 2019.  In the latest order, GE will also provide a steam turbine, generator, heat recovery steam generator and balance of plant equipment—as well as a 15-year multi-year services agreement. Once operational, the Orot Rabin combined cycle gas turbines are expected to be the largest and most efficient gas-fired power units in Israel, delivering up to 1260 MW, more than 8% of Israel’s current total power generation capacity.

IEC’s modernization project, announced in 2018, comes as a result of a law passed by the government of Israel’s Clean Air Law 2011. GE’s 9HA.01 gas turbines are expected to have a net efficiency rate of more than 61% using natural gas as the primary fuel and fuel oil as secondary fuel. Each of GE’s 9HA.01 units is expected to produce 630 MW to replace the production from four of the existing coal-fired units. The plant is expected to enter commercial operation for the first unit in 2022.


GE’s HA gas turbine fleet has reached the milestone of 500 000 operating hours, and has secured 101 orders from 40+ customers across 19 countries. It is available for both 50 and 60 hertz and has been recognized with two world records for powering the world’s most efficient power plants.

Recently, GE announced its decision to invest up to US$60 million over 10 years to develop the next-generation repair capabilities for HA gas turbines by creating a new HA Repair Engineering and Development Center in Singapore. The new center, which will begin repairing HA components in 2021, will include a research and development center to develop next-generation HA repair capabilities and the repair of high-tech components, such as HA nozzles and blades.