A-Gas Boosts Reclaimed Refrigerant Capacity at Texas Facility

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Additional Separation Towers Support Circular Economy Goals and Sustainable Refrigerant Supply

A-Gas has commenced the construction of supplementary separation towers at their Rhome, Texas plant. The introduction of these towers is projected to increase A-Gas' production capacity twofold in the coming eighteen months, supplying the United States with more reclaimed refrigerant gases. Last year, A-Gas finished building the latest refrigerant separation towers at the Texas facility, located close to Dallas/Fort Worth. The newest separation towers at the Rhome plant are anticipated to be operational by early 2024.

The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration (AHRI)-certified laboratory at the Rhome plant enables the reintegration of millions of pounds of reclaimed refrigerant, including intricate blends, into the market in compliance with AHRI-700 specifications. This enhancement in the recovery and reclaim of refrigerant gases helps the hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) production and importation phase-down under the American Innovation and Manufacturing Act (AIM Act).


Taylor Ferranti, A-Gas' Commercial Vice President of Refrigerant Management, emphasized that each pound of reclaimed refrigerant mitigates potential environmental damage due to illicit venting.