A more efficient compressor for coking applications

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Siemens Energy has continued developing its STC-SOL turbocompressor for coking industry applications. Now available, a refined machine concept and new impeller technology render greater compressor efficiency of up to 15 percent. Siemens has also significantly reduced the number of casing components for the overall machine. The new STC-SOL turbocompressor is now available for commercial operation.


The STC-SOL single-stage radial compressor combines Siemens technology from existing compressor series with a new, innovative design. The modernized impeller geometry has proven itself time and again in other applications with contaminated gases, such as in the sulfur industry. The compressor inlet chest and volute casing will be fabricated from a single casting in the future. This reduces the number of components, as additional transition sections are no longer required. Siemens was able to reduce the number of casing components from a total of seven to two, thus enhancing the safety and degree of reliability for the overall machine. The benefits of this come into play in the coking industry in particular, with fewer compressor surfaces that require sealing against the contaminated and toxic gases used in this industry. The proven horizontal joint of the compressor casing also ensures short down times during plant maintenance, thanks to the new, compact casing design. The STC-SOL compressor was constructed at the Frankenthal development and manufacturing site.