ACWA Power Partners with Italian Companies to Advance Green Hydrogen

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The private water desalination company is cooperating with six Italian enterprises to further developments in green hydrogen production and water desalination.

ACWA Power has announced the signing of strategic agreements with six Italian entities to promote international cooperation in green hydrogen, water desalination, and research and development (R&D). The six Italian cosigners consist of the enterprise federation Confindustria, energy firm Uni, utility and waste management firm A2A, industrial solutions provider Industrie De Nora, additives manufacturer Italmatch Chemicals, and engineering solutions provider RINA.

“The collaboration between ACWA Power and our Italian counterparties will enable the exchange of crucial expertise, products, and equipment,” said Marco Arcelli, CEO of ACWA Power. “We hope this cooperation can lead to greater localization of Italian companies in Saudi Arabia and establish the foundation for a powerful partnership in research and development. We have the ambition to make ACWA Power a vehicle to create transformative opportunities for Italian and European enterprises in Saudi Arabia and to drive sustainable progress in Italy and Europe by supplying green hydrogen and technical expertise.”


Confindustria and ACWA Power will collaborate to identify potential developments for green hydrogen and water desalination projects. The joint assessment will additionally consider contractors, suppliers, R&D, and long-term supply and manufacturing partnerships.

The partnership between Eni and ACWA Power will conduct research on green hydrogen, renewables, and engage in R&D for sustainable energy technologies. A2A’s agreement with ACWA Power encourages the development of green hydrogen projects and green hydrogen imports for Italy. The uses for green hydrogen, specifically within the industry of sea-borne shipping, characterizes RINA’s signed agreement with ACWA Power.

ACWA Power aims to apply Industrie De Nora’s electrochemistry and sustainability technologies to its water desalination projects, and a potential cooperation for the operation and maintenance of green hydrogen applications is under consideration.