Advanced turbomachinery concepts come to India

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 PRÜFTECHNIK AG and Aimil Ltd are bringing their cooperation to the next level. A joint venture established under the name PRÜFTECHNIK Aimil Technical Services Limited started operation on 1 September 2011. Combining expertise of both partners, high-end machinery service will be offered in South Asia. Special focus will be placed on turbine alignment, turbine diaphragm alignment and thermal growth measurements, setting new standards for precision machinery service in the region. In the field of condition monitoring, attention will centre on machinery analysis and trouble shooting within the different industrial areas. The concept of telediagnosis – remote vibration monitoring for troubleshooting applications – will also be introduced for the first time to the Indian market.


A completely new technology called PARALIGN will also make a maiden appearance to the Indian market. PARALIGN technology will completely change the approach of roll alignment especially within the paper and steel industries. A considerable reduction in downtime on production lines, and a critical improvement in alignment precision will help customers increase their productivity and product quality. Both partners are convinced that the new joint venture will serve the Indian industrial market in an excellent manner. The newly formed company will also focus on providing improved after sales repair and calibration services for both PRÜFTECHNIK Alignment and PRÜFTECHNIK Condition Monitoring products in India.