Aeristech Develops Oil-Free Compressor Technology

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New oil-free compressor prototypes feature improved efficiency.

Aeristech, a company specializing in compressor technology, has recently introduced a series of oil-free compressor prototypes. These prototypes are suitable for various applications due to their small footprint.

The company's technology focuses on high-speed electric motors, with mechanical limits determining the speed. Aeristech has achieved up to 160,000 RPM with rapid acceleration. The compressors utilize air bearings, eliminating the need for oil and reducing the risk of contamination. Furthermore, the compressors can maintain full power across a wide voltage range, drawing power directly from fuel cells to enhance efficiency and decrease costs.

The compressor’s compact design is achieved through Aeristech's controller architecture, which separates torque and speed control, using fewer components. This design results in a power-dense package with high performance. By employing the company's technology to switch at a lower frequency, the optimized motors and inverters enable high-speed, continuous compressor operation.


Aeristech's Engineering team has previously developed solutions for suppliers, OEMs, and other customers. The oil-free compressor samples cater to customer evaluations and low-volume applications, providing a range of compressor maps and input voltages.

The 6kW oil-free compressor model delivers a pressure ratio of 1.9 at 160,000 RPM and weighs less than 4kg. Its high-speed motor and compact design offer a power-dense solution. The 10kW oil-free compressor provides a pressure ratio of 2.5 at 115,000 RPM, weighs 5.4kg, and accepts a wide range of input voltages (260-700V), allowing direct power in fuel cell applications without needing a separate DC/DC converter. The 25kW oil-free compressor features a pressure ratio of 3.0 at 95,000 RPM and weighs less than 10kg, providing a compact solution for higher power, continuous operation.