AI-Simulation Collaboration Announced Between Velo3D, PhysicsX

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The collaboration grants Velo3D customers access to AI-powered physics simulation and optimization, while PhysicsX customers gain manufacturing capabilities.

Metal additive manufacturing firm Velo3D has revealed a partnership with PhysicsX as part of Velo3D's Technical Partner Program. This alliance offers Velo3D customers access to AI-driven physics simulation processes that expedite simulation iterations, enhance simulation accuracy, and algorithmically investigate intricate design spaces for increased performance. PhysicsX customers, in turn, can leverage sophisticated metal additive manufacturing technologies to create optimized component designs.

Velo3D Founder and CEO, Benny Buller, explained, "We initially engaged with PhysicsX while developing the Sapphire XC printer, as we needed to refine the gas flow in the printer build chamber to prevent soot accumulation around the system's laser windows. We soon recognized that PhysicsX’s capabilities could significantly benefit many of our customers pushing the boundaries of design performance."

The Simulation for Additive Manufacturing (SFAM™) from PhysicsX employs multi-physics simulation alongside ultra-fast deep learning models to optimize designs for peak performance. This enables engineers and scientists to rapidly refine designs and boost design-to-production processes, including combustion efficiency enhancements and manufacturing yield improvements. PhysicsX integrates conventional computer-aided engineering (CAE) with machine learning features to emulate the physics of diverse real-world situations.


Co-Founder and Co-CEO of PhysicsX, Robin Tuluie, stated, "Our technology can assess performance across various categories such as system performance, efficiency, weight, noise, and other criteria. PhysicsX has helped engineers reduce emissions from aircraft and road vehicles, secure world championships in MotoGP, and boost the performance of wind and hydro turbines."

The aim of Velo3D's Technical Partner Program is to provide customers with technology and services that complement its comprehensive additive manufacturing solution, facilitating the production of optimized, final, and ready-to-use components.