Albioma Dropping Coal

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Conversion of Réunion Island power station

Emerson has been selected by Albioma to transition its coal-fired Bois Rouge plant on Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean to biomass wood pellet feedstock.

In addition to delivering local engineering support for the project, Emerson will use its Remote Virtual Office (RVO) collaboration platform, enabling Albioma’s access to Emerson’s resources and ongoing support.


The goal of overhauling the 108 MW facility is CO2 reduction. Compared to current operating levels, direct emissions are predicted to fall by 84%, or 640,000 tons.

All three generating units at the plant will also be modernized with new turbine protection, health monitoring systems, safety systems for the boilers, upgraded boiler control elements, and instrumentation.

The transition project began in June with an expected timeframe of five months.